Solus is the #1 Library App

SOLUS built apps are now in use in over 7,000 library locations across 6 continents and we’re growing rapidly! 

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So how’s this happened?

We believe it’s down to class leading functionality, constant innovation, speed of development and responsiveness to customer demands but that’s a big claim and don’t just take our word for it! Check out some customer testimonials and get the word 1st hand on what your peers think.

Libraries offer high quality and free content and we believe that The Library App is the best product available to connect you and your audience. Effortlessly.

At Solus, engagement is everything. Any screen, their device or yours, we drive interaction and ensure that the user enjoys a rich and rewarding experience.

Users can customise The Library App to their needs, prioritising the content and services that are most important to them. Find out more about our new app!

Like what you see?

For those of you thinking of joining our large and supportive customer base, please browse and find out a bit more about The Library App and our other exciting products, or contact us directly and we’ll get into the nuts and bolts… or code if you’d like, with a live demo. 

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