What a task! Trying to find only 10 reasons why we should all love libraries. Well at Solus HQ we’ve managed to pick our 10 top reasons to remind you why libraries are magical places.

A library in your community isn’t just a fabulous thing it is also;


1 : Adding value to your community and neighbourhood! It’s your space so make a visit!


2 : It’s a place to go that is free and welcoming to all!


3 : Ensuring the right to know for everyone -the foundation of any democratic society!



4. Home to amazing Library staff who know the community and what they need. For examples read our blog : 7 reasons to love libraries.


5. Offering wonderful free books and resources, both digital and physical.


6. Hosting great events and programmes like some of these! 



7. A gateway to literacy and learning for all!


8. A magical place for children to develop a love of reading and learning and help with homework.


9. The place for trusted information.


10. Inclusive with free access to technology and digital support.



Happy Libraries Week!


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