Solus are pleased to announce a new development partnership with SirsiDynix. In their new partnership, Solus and Sirsi Dynix will be working together to advance the development of BLUEcloud Mobile, the new SirsiDynix mobile, patron discovery application that will build upon and enhance BookMyne+. The partnership will enable SirsiDynix to deliver a functionally rich app and provide the most value possible to libraries and library users.

The new BLUEcloud Mobile partnership will combine our expertise in library applications together with SirsiDynix’s BLUEcloud architecture. The result will be an enhanced mobile offering integrated with BLUEcloud services that will be made available to SirsiDynix customers. BLUEcloud Mobile will provide BLUEcloud library patrons with mobile discovery through iOS and Android applications. BLUEcloud Mobile’s next-generation functionality is being built to leverage the new capabilities developed in BLUEcloud products such as eResource Central, BLUEcloud Commerce, BLUEcloud Lists, BLUEcloud Search, and Buy It Now. Neil, CEO of Solus commented,

“This is a unique and hugely exciting partnership for Solus. Not only does SirsiDynix have a truly global library customer base, but they understand the critical importance of mobile access being at the heart of the connection between the physical and digital library world. Content being accessible instantly on mobile devices is now a standard expectation in all walks of life, library customers are no different and they should expect the best. We will be rapidly delivering the exciting new BLUEcloud Mobile product for the global SirsiDynix customer base. Bringing the benefits of BLUEcloud onto a unique SOLUS powered mobile App will deliver a best of breed mobile experience for SirsiDynix libraries and their communities.”

Commenting on the announcement, SirsiDynix Chief Officer of Marketing and Strategic Alliances Eric Keith described the partnership as an opportunity to rapidly create and deploy robust mobile solutions for libraries worldwide.

“At SirsiDynix, our ultimate goal is to help libraries thrive. A core component of our ‘connections’ strategy is to partner with best-of-breed organizations such as SOLUS, in order to advance the cause of libraries. SOLUS has demonstrated their ability to create robust technologies that help libraries better serve their communities. We are confident that the combination of their mobile app expertise and the SirsiDynix BLUEcloud architecture will yield something truly special.”

About SirsiDynix

SirsiDynix connects people with knowledge at more than 23,000 libraries around the world. Through library management technology and search and discovery tools, libraries using SirsiDynix technology bring relevant resources and the power of knowledge to their users and communities. SirsiDynix technology is architected to be open, scalable, and robust, offering a complete out-of-the-box solution and unparalleled flexibility through APIs and web services. Complemented by the most experienced training, consulting, and support staff in the industry, SirsiDynix helps libraries create tomorrow’s libraries, today.

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