Project Name:

eKiosk – Interactive Digital Sign 43”

Project Description/Background:

To promote programs and resources in a more modern and cleaner presentation, and facilitate access to key resources (website, catalogue and events).

Key Points/Functions:

Located at the front library next to the book display stand, it works just like the screen at Toorak Library – to promote different programs, events and products, but also go to selected web content.


* What was your problem before you purchased the product?

How can we present library information in an attractive and modern way; that doesn’t require much staff input and then be shared to other sites.

* What results did you get from the product?

Easy to use for users; signage was more attractive; became an additional library catalogue. Usage from install to end of August (1500 views) suggests users understanding that it was more than just a passive display screen.

* What do you like most about the product?

Staff don’t have to do anything with it once it is on, very easy to use.

*What made you choose to go with Solus?

Design, connectivity, ties in with other SOLUS products. It’s more than ‘just a sign’ or just a PC.