We’ve chosen just 5 reasons students need SOLUS. Your students deserve the best. The SOLUS app is a must-have for college libraries everywhere! EdTech revolutionised the way students learn and the SOLUS app has helped over 7,000 libraries across the world to do this. Because students are used to smartphones and technology the SOLUS app makes student ID and 24/7 access to college library resources simple! Cutting-edge technologies such as cloud, mobile, digital, and analytics transformed the way libraries offer services.

It’s now time to make headway with the SOLUS Library app so take a look at Dundalk Institute of Technology


FIRSTLY IT’S COST-EFFECTIVE because it’s simple for students to self-serve on their phones and tablets. As smartphone usage continues to grow it’s time to rethink and review your expensive hardware..

SECONDLY IT’S A GREAT EXPERIENCE as it is simple and intuitive and has clear college branding with 24/7 access to the library. Also students can check availability, renew and check account information from anywhere, at any time. It means no more queuing for simple transactions.

THIRDLY IT SAVES STAFF TIME by increasing the library staff’s efficiency, because students self-serving on the app takes the drudgery out for staff!  

FOURTHLY IT’S HYGIENIC and we are all now more conscious of hygiene issues so when students use their own phones and tablets this means less cleaning of expensive self- service hardware.

FINALLY IT’S SURPRISINGLY A MORE HUMAN WAY When the transactional stuff is simplified via the app, staff have more time to focus on the students and their need with human connections, more time to listen, to learn and focus on students’ more complex needs – that human touch!

5 reasons students need Solus! They are so used to smartphones and technology but they deserve the human touch!

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