5 Reasons to Think About Your College Library App!

Colleges don’t look much like they did a few years back! Educational technology has undoubtedly revolutionised the way students learn. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic saw libraries everywhere pivot from in-person to online nearly overnight. It has improved accessibility too. Your students may live in a remote town far from college, or maybe they are an adult with a full-time job yet eager to better their education but don’t have the extra time to travel. The app makes access to college library resources simpler.

Students nowadays are so used to excellence and immediacy in technology, in user interfaces and rapid intuitive access. This means the process of using library services must be a hassle free and a delightful interactive experience anytime, anywhere -24/7!

Increasing advancement of cutting-edge technologies such as cloud, mobile, digital, and analytics have transformed the way libraries offer many services. With the SOLUS Library app college and university libraries are making headway, despite the rising challenges and expectations of today’s students.


Embracing mobile technologies is cost-effective, improves productivity and can reduce operation costs. Implementing an app is an opportunity to rethink and review all that expensive hardware and future spend.

It’s simple for students to self-serve on their phones and tablets so shouldn’t you be evaluating all that expensive hardware? Will you need it all in the future as smartphone usage grows even further? Instead invest in a student training plan for smartphone self- service via the app.


The SOLUS app provides a great student experience! Simple and intuitive to use with clear college branding. It avoids frustration and tediousness by providing students with 24/7 access to library resources from anywhere, anytime.

The app saves a student’s time by enabling them to check availability, renew and check accounts information from anywhere, at any time. It also means no more queuing for simple transactions like issue and return of materials


When students can self-serve on the app for all that simple transactional stuff this means we take the drudgery out for staff!  No more time spent issuing and returning, checking catalogues, or looking up lost or forgotten membership cards. The app Increases the library staff’s efficiencies and means the library doors are open virtually 24/7 – anytime, anywhere


Since the pandemic we all must be so much more conscious of hygiene issues and the app can make your service more hygienic. When students use their own phones and tablets this means no more cleaning down of expensive self- service hardware.


One of the biggest benefits of having the app is that it enables staff to have more time to focus on the interpersonal/ human connections. More time to listen, to learn and to focus on students’ more complex needs and enquiries.

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