Whether technologically or socially, there is no denying that the library landscape is moving fast. Within this change lies opportunity – but as it stands, many are feeling the pain. Clearly, customer behaviours and needs have changed so what will library customers be looking for now?

It’s extremely important that we focus on the experience we deliver to our customers post-covid. At SOLUS we believe that people will want people, so we take the grind out of the transactional stuff like issue, return, reserve etc. and free up staff to work with people on the things that really make a difference: the chat, the author event, bounce and tickle, the dementia group….

In today’s world, we all spend more time on our mobile phones than on any other device! Mobile apps in libraries are becoming as ubiquitous and necessary as discovery layers and the SOLUS library app is a convenient, intuitive time-saving app for library customers and they need it now more than ever!

We think there are 7 pain points/ key areas that the SOLUS app delivers on to help you create a great customer experience pathway.

  • Reach -Anytime anywhere 24/ 7 access in the palm of your hand! The SOLUS app extends your reachwith 24/ 7 access from home, from the office, from the park! Full integration with the library management system enabling customers to search the library catalogue, check availability, and reserve and renew resources, consume digital content — all within the SOLUS app.
The library in your hand
  • Budget -Your budget has never had to work harder – Our team are here to advise you on how to make savings by reviewing your library hardware and training. We believe that just as smartphones have become so ubiquitous now, so will library self-service become! Using the app, users can self-serve, issue, return  and so much more without a kiosk or any hadware. Shouldn’t you rethink your spend on all those kiosks?
Planning your budget
  • Hygienic Self-service – Hygiene for both staff and customers has never been more important! Contactless services across the board will become more and more the norm. Customers will be reluctant to use kiosks when the personal smartphone checkout is an option. The SOLUS app makes mobile checkout simple! It works simply and smoothly with RFID security. Its your clear and simple response to current health concerns as we know the health and safety of all our customers and staff is the highest priority.
Contactless hygienic self service
  • Promotion and marketing Branding is included, there is no additional cost for branding the app with your library’s identity. Colours, logos and button styles can all be set in your brand and changed when you need to making it clearly visible that the library and trusted information is in their pocket wherever they go. We can help by showing so many ways our creative customers across the world have developed their promotional strategies.
Clear and simple or vright and colourfu – your choice
  • Multilingual – Our communities are culturally diverse and the Library App supports a smart download approach from the Apple and Google app stores, whereby the Library App language will correlate to the language installed on the phone. For example, if the customer’s phone has the Spanish language enabled, the Library App will download with the Spanish language version. The patron can then change the language setting under their My Account to practice English or another language option. App level professional translations, libraries can also upload any content via the SOLUS Content Management System which they can choose to have machine translated, making it easy for them to provide their local content in multilingual versions. The Library App’s tremendous multilingual support benefits and enhances the Library’s presence in multicultural environments where many people do not speak English as their first language.
  • Speaking a patron’s language cannot help but endear that person to the Library’s efforts in communicating in their language and will help libraries engage with their increasingly diverse local communities!
Multilingual app
  • Digital Membership Card – Never lose your library card again! The family accounts for older family memers, neighbours or children are especially useful and can keep them all in one safe place. See what’s on loan, what’s due, and manage renewals and reservations for the whole family, in the one app. How much time and money is wasted when staff have to find or replace lost membership cards? The app means staff are freed up from dull transactional stuff to work with people and the community
Membership cards
  • Location information All of your library information, including locations, opening hours,events etc. is clearly available and updated in real time as any changes are made. However with the SOLUS app the library is open everywhere 24/7!
Open 24/7 with the SOLUS app

It’s extremely important that you focus on the experience you deliver to your customers post covid. Our team is here to help no matter which LMS or security your library uses. We look forward to helping create the best user experience for your library and community.

Simply put, happy customers remain loyal. Ready to improve the customer experience? [email protected]


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