7 ways libraries care!

7 ways libraries care! Every week or so our team choose snippets from our twitter feed, items that strike a cord with one or all of us. This week we chose care and kindness as our theme as it resonated through so much of what we saw in the news from libraries around the world.

We loved Jane Cowell’s post on What if radical kindness was library policy? We think the work libraries do goes a long way toards that policy.

The upcoming IFLA seminar “Libraries: Places That Care For People.” will examine how public libraries worldwide deliver healthier outcomes for their communities, reduce loneliness and social isolation and deliver on health and wellbeing initiatives “Libraries: Places That Care For People. Just one of the 7 ways libraries care!

Bringing digital learning, promoting new initiatives and building a sense of community (with coffee and cake of course) is surely a winning combo! We love this great event where people can sign up for coffee cake and learn to use the fabulous Solus library app at the same time! What a great way to introduce your 24/7 library access to your customers.

STATE OF AMERICA’S LIBRARIES 2022 A fascinating report and a must-read for lbraries everywhere. In 2021, libraries stepped up to meet the needs of their communities as they responded to the impacts of a 2nd year of global pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, library professionals served their communities in person, online, via phone, bookmobile, and even drone. When demand for the vaccine outstripped supply last year, libraries set up “vaccine hunter hotlines” Later when jabs were more plentiful, some libraries operated as vaccination sites.

Throughout history, libraries have evolved to meet the changing needs of their communities. The introduction of technology in libraries led to maker’s spaces complete with 3D printers, CAD programs, and so much more. Places where patrons check out tablets, smart speakers and other devices from digital kiosks, have become a mainstay in many communities. Here Sue McKerracher talks about embracing new technologies and responding to the needs of their communities, our public libraries have been evolving with the changes of the pandemic.

Love it! Who else but the public library cares so much? The First 5 My Little Library Initiative believes that by introducing children to reading at an early age, we help to inspire young minds and open them up to a worlds of possibilities. The initiative will see more than 60,000 children starting school. Each bag includes 3 books about starting school, being happy in yourself, and making friends. There will also be a story card on going to the library and a postcard the child can write or draw on and send to their new teacher, or bring to give to the teacher on their first day at school. If they join the library, they will get a library card and a card wallet for their new card.

We loved this Scotland on Sunday article which showed how the library is a haven for youngsters of all ages to fall in love with literature and develop vital connections to get them through some of the most formative years of their lives – from real-life friendships to life-long affinities with authors penning their favourite novels. Great to build community between children, parents, carers. Just one of the many, many 7 ways libraries care!

We wanted to join in celebrating National Library Workers Day because we know library staff are the life blood of the library. They are vital in helping everyone and anyone on an incredible myriad of life, information and learning queries. National Library Workers Day aims to show appreciation for the work that librarians (and all library employees) do for the people in their communities.

We hope you agree that libraries are amazing and that you enjoyed this little romp through just a very few examples of the care, kindness and community building in our libraries.

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