8 reasons libraries are awesome!

8 reasons libraries are awesome! Because of this every now and again we choose items from our twitter feed that we think you will enjoy! We love what we do so you will of course find news about our solutions too! It was hard to choose but we loved the great article on Why Libraries Matter, and Why We Shouldn’t Despair!

We know you library peeps have always loved the Manic Street Preachers so we had to share “LIBRARIES gave us power” – the iconic opening lyric to the Manic Street Preachers’ 1996 hit. This is a story about the Newport library that inspired a Welsh rock band’s biggest hit. Of course we know many of you want to know that we have an app for open-source libraries including Koha and Evergreen.

Library tourism is our thing too and we always love seeing fabulous library architecture and spaces across the globe. As a result we show you just “8 of the best libraries in the Middle East and North Africa – from Baghdad to Dubai” Also read how Libraries continue to grow in popularity as spaces of normality in the chaos of the pandemic. Mosul’s university library reopens after a devastating attack by Islamic State in 2014 -‘A symbol of new beginning’ Enjoy!

Number 1 of 8 reasons!

Number 2 of 8 reasons! CILIP Statement of Solidarity

Number 3 of 8 reasons !
Number 4 of 8 reasons !
Number 5 of 8 reasons! Join a webinar
Number 6 of 8 reasons libraries are awesome!

Number 7 of 8 reasons libraries are awesome!
Number 8 of 8 reasons libraries are awesome!

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