9 Library Resolutions Solus Can Help You Keep

Things are going to be different yet again in 2022 and as the New Year approaches many of us will make a New Year’s resolutions. You may decide to create resolutions relating to your own professional development, or to change the way your library and team operates. The start of new year is always the perfect opportunity to refresh your library thinking and planning so we thought you might like to know that there are at least 9 library resolutions Solus can help you keep!

You might be feeling merry and motivated right now, but as the year moves on, don’t let your resolve wane. According to the U.S. News and World Report, about 80% of people break their New Year’s promises by mid-February Just think about how you’ll feel at this time next year when you’ve kept each (or some?) of the following resolutions:

1. Resolve to open the doors to the library collections 24/7

Make your library accessible 24/7 anytime from anywhere with the Solus app!

9 Library Resolutions Solus Can Help You Keep

2. Resolve the never ending lost or forgotten library card problem.

Make it digital on the Solus library app and save staff time

3. Resolve to make access multilingual.

This is a resolution you can be sure lands on the lists of all of us in our multicultural communities. Solus library app makes multilingual easy

4. Resolve to make in-app self-service available.

Hygienic, contactless, no queuing… library self-service no brainer? Just watch this

City of Sydney library self- Service 9 Library Resolutions Solus Can Help You Keep

5. Resolve to review that expensive hardware

Do you really need all that expensive kiosk hardware/ Why not invest in smartphone customer training how-to sessions instead?

6. Resolve to streamline your events, programmes and bookings.

Isn’t it time you took a fresh look at library events and bookings? These days what library staff need to know about library technology can be daunting! The role and demands seems to change on a daily basis, particularly in how what we do has been impacted by the pandemic and the need for hygiene and contactless services.

7. Resolve to become part of an innovative library community.

Maybe you’ve been inspired by Solus? Maybe you just want a faster, more cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly library. Whatever your reason resolve to talk to us! Be part of our global family follow us on twitter and LinkedIn.

8. Resolve to travel and see other libraries

Try to make time to go to conferences, meet colleagues and be a real part of the Global library community. Can’t travel? then join our conversations and news on our blog, twitter and LinkedIn

9. Resolve to get get better at library marketing and promotion.

The challenge! 9 Library Resolutions Solus Can Help You Keep! There are plenty of ways to get help with this! Of course you need great Events and Bookings support and you should check out Angela Hursh on Super Library Marketing

Have a great 2022 and please keep in touch!


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