Isn’t it time you took a fresh look at library events and bookings? These days what library staff need to know about library technology can be daunting! The role and demands seems to change on a daily basis, particularly in how what we do has been impacted by the pandemic and the need for hygiene and contactless services.

It is now especially important for library staff to be aware of the new technologies and knowledge that are now available. One big change is that the pandemic has shifted so much of what a library does for it’s community to events, programming and outreach. Its time to see a new, staff-efficient way to promote and manage your in-library and virtual events?

SOLUS has launched eb#1, an evolutionary events and bookings product with cutting-edge new features for marketing and outreach – and at a price point that provides great value for the library.

eb#1 was developed by a leading Australian public library over a 3-year period and we’re now bringing it to you! To gauge how leading edge this platform is, we’re allowing libraries to peruse training material in advance of purchase – rather than peruse some limited PDF flyer! Click here to learn more: Getting started

Pretty, powerful and a pleasure to use! Join us for a fresh look at library events and bookings in these webinars

A fresh look at library events and bookings

December 8th, Wednesday @ 1:00 p.m. EST

Can’t make that one?

December 14th, Tuesday, @ 11:00am EST

If you’d like the personal touch or just a chat please contact us

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