OPEN 24/7 – The SOLUS app unlocks your library doors!

Isn’t it time you expanded your library’s reach? Time to enable access to your library’s world of resources 24/7 anytime, anywhere? Aren’t there so many more patrons out there who simply don’t know the treasures you have? Time to extend yor reach!

The number of mobile users today is greater than the number of desktop users! We use our phones for almost every activity like shopping, doing exercises, improving our lifestyle, traveling, navigating in a big city, listening to music, chatting with friends or making our visuals more beautiful.

As businesses realised the need to effectively use mobile channels to attract and retain customers so have libraries across the world. But, it can’t be just any old app it has to be the best, the one that gives a great user experience so they can make the most of this channel. 

That is why 10 years ago SOLUS launched the first ever UK public libraries app in Edinburgh Scotland and now our Library Apps are in use in almost 6,000 library locations across 5 continents and we’re growing rapidly!

The app just got better and better and makes the user experience multilingual, interactive and fun. The app now greatly contributes to your library’s brand awareness. The SOLUS mobile app is like a billboard sign for your community, its in your patrons’ pockets 24/7. Its an app that has features your customers will love, beautifully designed with your clear distinct branding.

.. but don’t take it from us!

St Paul Public Library

It really is time to talk to us [email protected]

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