Bold Minds – Library Leadership in a Time of Disruption

This book from Facet Publishing hears international library leaders explore the purpose and future of libraries. Edited by Margaret Weaver and Leo Appleton. The book calls for bold thinking about the future of libraries globally. With voices from South Africa, Ontario and Alberta in Canada, Sweden and the UK.

Bold Minds: Library leadership in a time of disruption brings together international leaders who frame many aspects of the current library provision and who carry responsibility for the library models of the future to consider how librarians and libraries can be a driving force in a time of disruptive economic, technological and cultural change.

Bold Minds – Library Leadership in a Time of Disruption

Each chapter critically presents a short leadership provocation regarding libraries and their purpose, encompassing strategic impact, culture change, engagement, diversity, service delivery, collections, staff skills and professional training and assessing what it means for leaders, their sectors and organisations, and how they have developed their personal leadership signature.

Liz McGettigan Bold Minds – Library Leadership in a Time of Disruption

SOLUS are proud that Liz McGettigan – our Director of Digital Library Experiences has made a contribution to this global collaboration. Understanding the library sector globally, changing service delivery and the rapid need for advances in digital library experiences is a key element of our work at SOLUS.

We know it is listening and learning to library leaders and the library sector globally th at has made us a leader in library technology worldwide. Library leaders and teams across the world have contributed hugely to the success of the SOLUS portfolio of library solutions.

COVID caused so much sadness and disruption but what came with that was the an acceleration of the need for the library sector to adapt quickly, to innovate and to digitally pivot. Recovery means libraries are now reopening with new innovations, better digital experiences and new approaches to service delivery.

Bold Minds – Library Leadership in a Time of Disruption

Each chapter critically presents a short leadership provocation. The book has Global contributions on Views from the Corridors of Power: The Political and Global Perspective from John Pateman, Leo Appleton and Richard Heseltine.

Another section covers the rebirth of libraries – New Business Models and Regeneration of Services from Judith Keene Janine Downes, Liz McGettigan and Robert Moropa, Lindiwe Soyizwapi, Marguerite Nel and Isak Van der Walt – the Digital Scholarship & Innovation team at the University of Pretoria.

There is a section on Who Really Matters – User Communities and Alignment -looking at students, corporate and medical libraries and spaces from Margaret Weaver, Lotta Haglund, Annikki Roos and Petra Wallgren Bjork and Shaunna Mireau.

The last section covers The Future Library Professional – Horizons and Challenges by Sheila Corrall, Rosie Jones and Rebecca Davies.

Bold Minds – Library Leadership in a Time of Disruption

The book was written pre COVID but that disruption has only accelerated the need for strong leadership and for the library sector to adapt even more quickly. Find it here

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