Favourite Christmas Stories

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

I vividly remember reading “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” as a kid and being completely hooked by the story, one which I’d guess most people will have heard by now! I loved the character of the Grinch and how he was quite cruel and grouchy to begin with, but eventually had a change of heart and learned the “true meaning of Christmas” by the end of the story. I also loved the uniquely stylised illustrations in the book, which brought both the characters and world to life in vivid detail. It’s an absolute classic with a great message, which I would recommend to anyone, young or old!


The Jolly Christmas Postman

My favourite memory was reading “The Jolly Christmas Postman” with my Mum and Dad. I loved opening up all the little flaps and finding the secrets within the book. I love reading this book to my own kids now too, it’s a classic!


Father Christmas

I have a wonderful memory of reading the magical Christmas story “Father Christmas” by Raymond Briggs to my grandchildren. It is great fun – its cheeky and charming just like them! It’s such a hilariously irreverent Christmas story about a rather grumpy Father Christmas on the busiest night of his year! It’s a brilliantly tongue-in-cheek festive tale with much merriment as Father Christmas travels the world, with a few issues along the way, to bring joy to children everywhere. Great fun!


The Night Before Christmas

Every year, my family gathered around the fireplace on Christmas Eve to take turns reading their favourite holiday stories aloud. My favourite was “The Night Before Christmas,” and something I always looked forward to reading. Reciting the familiar words, I could always feel the warmth and love of family making this is my most treasured Christmas tradition.



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