Feed your mind in Melbourne’s pop-up libraries

WOW! Reignite Melbourne! Feed your mind in Melbourne’s pop-up libraries – what a great concept to support people & businesses as the city emerges from lockdown. Places everywhere can learn from Melbourne’s fabulous strategy!

“The City of Melbourne is throwing everything we can at its renaissance. Our budget is big in size, it’s big on delivery, it’s big on confidence. We recognise though that a sustained effort will be required to reignite the city over the longer term. Based on efforts and discussions so far, I am confident that every industry and sector is aligned to bringing Melbourne back better”

Lord Mayor Sally Capp

Hear from Melbourne’s fabulous Mayor Sally Capp

This is what Melbourne is doing to reignite the city

We so love that the Pop-up library initiative is part of the $200 million Melbourne City Revitalisation Fund – a collaboration between the City of Melbourne and the Victorian Government. 

“Libraries are our most accessible local destination,’ ‘They are more than just books – they are a place of facts, fun and importantly, a place for everyone.”

Cllr Hakim said.


Feed your mind in Melbourne’s pop-up libraries! The Feed YourMind library is the first in a series of 6 themed pop-up libraries to open across the City of Melbourne. It features author talks and workshops focused on good food, and encourages visitors to explore the offerings at Queen Victoria Market so they can dish up tasty meals.

Feed your mind in Melbourne’s pop-up libraries

The food-themed materials are paired with content for a wider audience including fiction, events with writers and history walks. Every book in the 1400-item collection is brand new and ready to be borrowed for the first time and will nourish your mind with knowledge about nutrition and cooking through more than just books.

“‘Budding chefs, university students and parents with mouths to feed can all get involved with workshops and book clubs, and learn from our wonderful librarians. The unique, themed pop-ups will attract new library members while revitalising vacant shopfronts. Libraries were already cool and – now we’re adding food and cooking to them – you won’t be able to keep me away,’

Lord Mayor Sally Capp


Imaginations can run wild at the pop-up library where the kids can explore worlds of fiction, science and history. The library features 1200 brand-new books, coding robots, fraction board puzzles and interactive kits. Over the coming months, it will host a range of family-friendly activities designed to engage and excite young bookworms. 

Feed your mind in Melbourne’s pop-up libraries

We can’t wait to see the next pop-up libraries! Read all about it here!

Of course we also love that the Solus app self-service functionality is available alongside the traditional borrowing way without the need for kiosks!

Go Melbourne!


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