From poverty to rector via the library! This week I loved an amazing quote from Jimmy Reid (below) that epitomises the potential libraries have to level up and give their communities opportunities. There are many factors influencing our future and what the ‘library’ will look like. Much of what the library will do may not even be about books at all but about simply enabling people-to-people experiences, bringing digitally focused but socially isolated people together in the physical world.

The world of libraries is a joy and never ceases to amaze me! So rich in content – from technlogy, community programming to the amazing people who work in our industry! I love that we love books, words and quotes but mostly I love our ethics and values and how we deliver on what matters to our communities!

Below are stories about AI and ChatGPT which has put us all at a new tipping point and it’s something we are all buzzing about! I loved hearing about creating opportunities through a library music studio and the mass board walkout about unethical publishing fees at Elsevier was powerful! We wouldn’t be librarians if we didn’t love the library counter built from books! Have a read!

Poverty to rector via the library! Jimmy Reid went from poverty to Rector of Glasgow University via Govan Library

Nvidia chief Jensen Huang said the world was at “the tipping point of a new computer era” as he unveiled a raft of AI-related products Monday in his first public speech in four years at a Taiwan tech trade show.

Westport Library announced the release of Verso Records: Volume One, the first album ever recorded, produced, and released by a public library.

“Too greedy” Entire board resigns over actions of academic publisher whose profit margins outstrip even Google and Amazon

Love words and quotes so especially liked this! “Breathing new life into hope-giving words might help to cultivate happiness and a sense of wellbeing. e.g. “Respair – fresh hope; a recovery from despair”

The way we live our lives online is rapidly changing. Artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality and innovations such as blockchain – a kind of digital record for transactions — are set to transform the online world, affecting everything from social media to how people and businesses make money from their creativity.

So cool! The ultimate recycling of books!

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