Solus is delivering gamechanging library technology! – contactless self-checkout and click & collect. SOLUS is the global leader in delivering affordable mobile apps to libraries, now serving over 7,000 library locations on 6 continents. Over a billion library transactions have been performed with the SOLUS app, enriching library members around the world in over 20 languages. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative library technology to ensure that libraries remain relevant for today and into the future.

This crisis has taken countless lives, shut down cities, sent major shockwaves through the global economy, and completely changed the way we work, travel, live and interact with other people. The world as we know it and libraries as we knew them may never be the same. Contactless, self-service (check-out and check-in) of materials and click & collect pick up are surely a must now in these challenging times.

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Gamechanging library technology! contactless self-checkout and click & collect.

The focus on personal hygiene and germ avoidance means library members will now be able to easily and safely check out or check in resources simply by tapping the item with their own personal smartphone (similar to using tap and go) without the need to use any other hardware – or public kiosks, managing RFID security directly from the user’s device!

With RFID/Self-Service vendors now acknowledging that patrons will not want to touch self-service hardware and stating that even if they do, they’ll need rigorous cleaning between every patron use, then Self-Service on patrons own devices is a timely and critical provision to facilitate transactions. Safety and hygiene are critical so contactless self serviceis a no-brainer!

Check out how the City of Sydney is using the Solus self service app! Watch the video here

Cross platform, vendor neutral and industry standards-based, the SOLUS app provides a one-stop shop for all of the library’s services. Once downloaded, users can access the library from anywhere. Explore the library’s catalogue and discover the library’s broad range of eBooks, eMagazines, eAudiobooks, newspapers, music, local history content, libraries news and events, social media postings and more.  

The mobile App has extensive integration with the Library Management System which delivers the best user experience for library members. Members are able to log in to their account and other linked accounts (such as their children’s) and have full visibility over their loans and reservations. They can extend loans, add/cancel reservations remotely from anywhere via the App on their smartphone and even arrange a click & collect pick up at their local library.

In addition to Self-Service, we’ve added “Click & Collect” (called “Curbside Pickup” in North America) functionality which will allow Libraries to safely manage contactless handover of pre-requested/held (& picked) stock. Click & Collect manages the customer experience, staggering patron collections through a slick automated interface that details their arrival time based on location services. It minimises staff time per customer, enables a non-physical interaction with the patron and is highly efficient. What’s more, SOLUS is including this functionality free of charge for libraries for as long as they’re facing operational restrictions! 

At SOLUS we continue to work with progressive library teams to rethink what the future of libraries, technology, and urban change will look like. By working with them we believe we can help shape a more resilient and inclusive library experience together.

Gamechanging library technology! – contactless self-checkout and click & collect

At SOLUS we pride ourselves on creating meaningful, simple and elegant interactions between the library and the members they serve. Libraries of the future need to continue to evaluate and deploy affordable disruptive technologies that help the library evolve their services to meet changing (and demanding) member expectations. In the coming months exciting new features will be added to the Mobile App to enhance the member experience and ensure library engagement is as seamless as can be.

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Gamechanging library technology! – contactless self-checkout and click & collect

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