Heard the news? The SOLUS team love to find and share what’s happening in the world of libraries, what’s the next disruptive technology? What’s happening in the information world, in technology, design, ethics and promotion! We want to see and hear what you are all doing and spot and learn from trends that will impact on what we all do!

We know you are busy so in our twitter feed this month we’ve chosen some amazing bite-sized snippets for you. We have launched our fabulous new app! We’ve been excited by AI and how it impacts libraries and information. WOW! we see that text-to-audio generation, one of the next big AI disruptions could be in the music industry. We love Australian Libraries and showcase Australia’s first kids’ art library. Digital equity! We loved the article on leveraging libraries to end the digital divide.

We bring you mobile app strategic planning ideas! Need ideas on library app promotion? Read how Livingstone Libraries in Australia promote their new app! Censorship and book banning – Proud to see stand ups to bullying and censorship, read how Dublin libraries are keeping books by trans author despite attempts to remove them.

Heard the news?

WE’VE LAUNCHED OUR FABULOUS NEW APP! Heard the news? A new app, a new rich and rewarding experience! Anytime, anywhere! Any screen, any device!

LEVERAGING LIBRARIES TO END THE DIGITAL DIVIDE. Public libraries are key to enhancing access for underserved communities.

MOBILE APP STRATEGIC PLANNING IDEAS! We loved meeting our Canadian Colleagues in Toronto this week! Need a little help, ideas with your mobile strategy? Download the PDF here

DUBLIN LIBRARIES TO KEEP BOOKS BY TRANS AUTHOR DESPITE ATTEMPTS TO REMOVE THEM. Dublin libraries announced that the books will remain on the shelves as they are part of the gov-approved Rainbow Reads list.

TEXT-TO-AUDIO GENERATION IS HERE. Heard the news? One of the Next Big AI Disruptions Could Be in the Music Industry.

LIBRARY PROMOTION SO YOUR LIBRARY APP HAS LAUNCHED …NOW WHAT? With a fabulous new SOLUS library app you are now thinking about promoting it so check out Livingstone Council Australia libraries’ great promotion ideas!

A READING LIST FOR AI-CURIOUS LIBRARY PROFESSIONALS. Heard the news? Huge potential in new AI tools, for chat support, or helping management and analysis of huge datasets. Valid concerns are also trustworthiness and authority, central to libraries.


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