How to offer a 5 star personal library experience during COVID lockdown!

Happy New Year from the SOLUS team!

Looks like we are in for a difficult time and a very long haul and at SOLUS we recognise that it’s never been more important to keep the relationship and connection with your patrons!

SOLUS is the global leader in library mobile solutions, creating connections between thousands of libraries and their communities. Over 6,000 libraries across the world use the SOLUS app to engage with their communities and in over 22 languages.

mobile library app on a desk

We all know how mobile use has grown and continues to grow exponentially across the globe, but now more than ever the pandemic has made it more important than ever that people can enjoy all of your library’s resources without even entering the building. It is imperative that libraries are able to meet the diverse and changing needs of their patrons from home, the office, anytime, anywhere.

A lady using her mobile library app in a library

SOLUS solutions provide an intuitive digital experience to the physical library enabling new ways to engage. The SOLUS mobile app, available on iOS and Android, offers a personal library experience, making it as easy to borrow from the library as it is to text a friend or shop online.

The SOLUS app does all of this without increasing staff workload and offering a safe contactless service.

SOLUS library partners makes it easier for patrons to turn to the library instead of choosing alternatives and maintains the important conection you have with your patrons – but don’t ask us ask our customers!

So if you haven’t yet got the global SOLUS app to keep your customers connected to the library then let us know! If you’d like more information about our solutions or fancy a chat about your current challenges and how we can help. [email protected]


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