How To Open Your Library 24/7

This is an incredibly pivotal moment for libraries and digital technology has opened the doors for us to harness its power. To do this libraries need to have a clear digital strategy and it must be embedded in an entrepreneurial culture that values experimentation and creativity.

Globally library customers and those we want to attract are becoming more and more sophisticated and have high expectations of their digital experiences, and they want it NOW! They want the app and the fabulous discovery experience and they want it 24/7 from home, office or on the train. We want them to WANT to be members of our fabulous club – The library.

When libraries closed at the start of the pandemic, their critical role in the functioning of the community became unmistakable. Residents depended on libraries for everything from computer and internet access, to language and legal support, a place to bring kids for storytimes, and a teen center after school.

COVID has meant almost a year and a half without physical access to libraries and made us all ask ourselves what next? Once reopened, what should the future of the library look like? What are the must haves? How do we make the library continuously accessible? We know from experience that it’s in the library staff’s DNA to want to deliver excellence in all aspects of their work.

Libraries and library staff have taught us a lot about the importance of the physical user experience and at Solus our team thrive on replicating that excellence in the digital experience. At Solus we realised very early on that mobile devices, and the sheer variety of portable devices in general, was really exploding and this enabled us to create an app with a beautiful user experience. We know we must engage and captivate our audiences in new ways – in compelling ways – to deliver the experience they now expect, at a time and in a format that suits them.

The library from the sofa!

We love libraries an we know they can inspire and create a vibrant, open and inclusive economy that works for everyone, but to do this vision, leadership, innovation and disruption must also become part of the DNA of libraries. The SOLUS app has helped thousands of libraries open their collections and resources to communities across the globe!

For those of you thinking of joining the Solus large and supportive customer base, please browse and find out a bit more about the library app on the blog, on twitter or contact us directly and we’ll get into the nuts and bolts… or code if you’d like, with a live demo. As a taster we love how Lake MacQuarie Libraries promote their app and we thought we’d share it with you!

The simple, easy-to-use app is free to download and lets you access the library anytime, anywhere, everything in the palm of your hand. Use your smartphone or tablet to view the catalogue to see a huge range of eBooks, eMagazines, audiobooks and music streaming services. Easily link your account to manage your loans and reservations, plus reserve items from the catalogue at any branch..

You can also use the app as your digital library card and manage multiple accounts in the one place – perfect for families, seniors and the neighbours you help out! for more info about Lake Mac Libraries

Watch the video below! [email protected]

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