Contactless in-app library self-service is the new normal now and it will continue to be so even post-pandemic!

What’s critical now is giving your customers confidence to return to the library! Confidence that their families will be safe and secure in your hygiene controls, methods and social distancing. Having closed the doors due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many libraries across the world are still closed!.

So many questions? How will you reopen safely? What will your library service look when the doors re-open? How do you make staff and customers feel safe and in control? What does your contactless, safe new normal service look like?

Clearly masks and social distancing are the first essential tools in our armoury and we are all now getting so used to seeing this in everyday life, what should we be thinking about?

The SOLUS library app means self-service on customers’ own phones! See how the City of Sydney and Dublin among many others have implemented this. Time to start thinking about the cost and future of your expensive kiosk hardware? The queuing, the cleaning the maintenance? Why when the app does it all?

In-app library self-service -Contactless is the new normal – Freeing up staff for the people stuff!

It’s a great step forward avoiding contact and queuing at the kiosks and staff desks. Hygienic and quick self service on your own smartphone to checkout and return, pay fines, check catalogues and accounts with the Solus app.

The SOLUS app frees up staff to assist with digital technology, reading choices, information and the many other activities offered by a library today. In app self service will become integral to library service long after COVID is gone. The SOLUS self-service contactless app is a no-brainer, it’s simple and frees up library staff to engage with customers.

In-app library self-service -Contactless is the new normal – Freeing up staff for the people stuff!

SOLUS customers are using and deploying their customised library app to respond to many of today’s challenges. Enabling simple, clean and contactless customers self-service with their own iPhone or Android device supporting barcode and RFID check-out/check-in without any additional hardware

  • Uber-efficient curbside pickup/ Click & Collect that maximizes staff time and is not based on appointments 
  • Communication with customers in 24+ languages
  • Support with marketing and deploying the app and consortia features to dozens or hundreds of member libraries

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