Interactive Signage

We’ve not always been building Mobile Applications for libraries

In a past life...

We were a digital signage company working in public health in the UK

Our Digital Signs were in Doctors Surgeries, Health Centre and Hospitals and were used to engage visitors with key health promotion messages. It was great fun but back in the day, digital screens were not Interactive, they were for passive viewing only.

Times change

Screens became interactive and then quickly became affordable

Combine that with our Library Application development…. and we had a lightbulb moment. What if, we could take the best digital content that libraries have… and you have lots – but make it interactive? Amazing things happen and patrons can now view, interact, discover and learn how to use the best of your digital content in the library, then take it away on The Library App and use it at home. This is an exciting new space and contact us to learn how we can bring a whole new dimension to your Interactive Signage.

Customer quote here?

Joe Bloggs

Coming soon

So now you’ve heard about our core products, is there more?

Well yes. Each product has what we call a pipeline. Two pipelines actually. A pipeline for development… what cool features are coming next and a pipeline for sale… when they are available for you.

But there are also other ideas that you’ve brought to us, the in-development, under-wraps thingamy’s that we can’t say too much about! Here’s a snippet.

  • Staff Engagement
  • Discovery
  • Content Management System & Middleware