Libraries and innovation!

Libraries and innovation! We are delighted to be joining Internet Librarian as a Platinum Sponsor in Monterey, CA this October 18-20! Such a great opportunity to see the future and the best in innovation for library and information staff

Libraries and innovation!


Libraries and innovation! See our discovery platform LUCi! A new Eco-System for empowering libraries and patrons! A new game-changing LSP – a digital front door for libraries now realised with LUCi!

Existing Library Discovery Platforms are long in the tooth, and not very engaging. We all know that user interfaces like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Roku etc. are attracting leagues of new users that are accustomed to highly visual, functional and engaging user experiences. Now it’s time libraries offer a similar experience but with trusted content? In addition we must move away from the status quo of a collection of non-integrated services – often by vendor (search events separately, search the catalogue separately, search eContent separately, etc) and deliver a better and personalized patron centric service?

Libraries and innovation!


The growth of in-App self-check in the last six months has been highly significant. We’re seeing customers now deploying this functionality to every library in their estate, whereby in the past with traditional kiosk solutions, hardware and support costs would have restricted kiosk deployment. Customers are now rolling this solution into their smallest libraries and replacing hardware that has been deemed end-of-life with our in-App solution in their larger sites. In the coming months we’ll see State and even Country wide deployments announced!

Libraries and innovation! Why is it a gamechanger for libraries?

  • Customer familiarity with In-app self service
  • No queuing
  • Hygienic
  • Less staff interaction required
  • No more lost or forgotten cards
  • Reduces the costs of traditional kiosk solutions, hardware and support costs


Isn’t it time you took a fresh look at library events and bookings? These days what library staff need to know about library technology can be daunting! The role and demands seems to change on a daily basis, particularly in how what we do has been impacted by the pandemic and the need for hygiene and contactless services.

Cultural programmes build awareness of the library and its value within the community, drawing increased attention to many important services the library provides. Programme audiences are likely to return to the library to use collections and access electronic resources. They are also likely to communicate the value of the library to others. Want to know more?


While NASA works to get the rocket ready, the Artemis Mission will see the Orion Spacecraft do almost a full orbit of Earth as it escapes the atmosphere, before it sets out on its 6 week journey around the moon and back home. About 9 hours after lift-off, we should start to see the first images of our planet from Orion.

Like us we know so many young people are fascinated by this mission. We also know that parents are continuously seeking ways to improve their parenting skills, their children’s learning and literacy skills. We get it! We want libraries to be the go-to place for learning, reading and fun around the topic.

Our customers love the SOLUS library app but it isn’t quite doing the business for the kids. So we decided to hire big kids with bright ideas. So planet Library took off and SOLUS have now delivered a fun and safe way to enjoy the library, learning and reading in a way we know young people now enjoy.

Libraries and innovation!

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