Libraries – The Great Equalisers!

Libraries – The Great Equalisers! Wonderful free, magical places, open to all, full of surprising collections and even more surprising and bold library staff.

Re-imaging public library network for tomorrow’s world will undoubtedly take time, hard work, courage and determination. Opportunities that this new complex world of technology and global information brings, means we must challenge the status quo and drive change, recharge our leadership and nurture a new breed of library staff.

There are many factors influencing our future and what the ‘library’ will look like. Much of what the library will do may not even be about books at all but about simply enabling people-to-people experiences, bringing digitally-focused but socially isolated people together in the physical world.

We chose a handful of snippets from our twitter feed. Just some of our favourite examples of libraries adapting and innovating! Examples of some very famous and surprising libraries and librarians, the library farm? Real examples of not just surviving but thriving in the digital age? What about library music gardens? Bold and brave librarians? The need for school libraries to engender the lifelong love of reading in our children. Enjoy these snippets!

How true! ‘Libraries Are the Great Equalizers’ Without librarians, a library building is merely a warehouse of stuff. It’s the librarian who makes a library what it is.

Libraries – The Great Equalisers! They are indeed surviving and thriving in the digital age as people change the way they use them.

We love innovation and the way libraries are adapting to change and sustainability. The ‘world’s first library farm’ is home to plush gardens and community innovations.

School libraries change children’s lives and need generous funding. Encouraging reading for enjoyment must be a priority, that means we need an ambitious, imaginative and generously funded approach to school library provision. Libraries – The Great Equalisers!

We loved this! 10 Surprising Former Librarians – Everyone from authors and politicians to a former first lady and a comic book character once worked among the bookshelves at a library. Prepare to be surprised!

100 Years of the Newbery Medal – 100 Years of the Newbery Medal. A look at the legacy—and future—of this distinguished award for Children’s books.

Wow this is fantastic! Libraries adapting and innovating! The Beat Goes On- The concept of music gardens has gained traction since early 2020 as libraries shifted programming and services online and sought ways to safely engage patrons outdoors and spark joy during the pandemic’s darkest days.

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