From surviving to thriving – the digital pivot!

Time to pivot! For years- actually decades now, libraries have balanced their physical spaces with their digital services. The current uncertainty driven by COVID-19 is not going away but it has strangely provided us with a once in a lifetime opportunity to drive a rapid digital transformation and innovation – to digitally pivot!

Time to plan your pivot

We must transform public perception of our role and relevance and become thought leaders that support, protect and empower people in a digital age. We must promote our capacity to enable the learning required to create new jobs and a new skilled, entrepreneurial, adaptable workforce.

Access and support to a future

Tomorrow’s libraries wll need leaders who understand new technologies, the changing and future job market and the future skills citizens will need for that. These new leaders must also be great advocates and marketers and know how to develop a united, big, loud voice to sell the vision.

Your promotional voice

To thrive in this new world, we must play an active role in shaping our future and redesigning the relevant ‘next’ library – the 21st-century people’s library –people’s places, learning and digital hubs, experiential, entrepreneurial, experimental spaces where access to technology and people enhances opportunities to learn, work and create

Importantly we also need to create the fantastic spaces in which people feel they can just ‘be’, places they own, want, need and can mould. Spaces to meet, to love, to relax, to study, to eat, drink and make. Places to do busiess!

Beautiful space Bucharest, Romania
Library Cafes
Cool study spaces

Are you ready to seize the moment? With so many of your customers stuck at home it is more important than ever to ensure that your library’s resources are easily accessible in a convenient and intuitive way.

The library in an app

This is an incredibly pivotal moment for libraries, and digital technology has opened the doors for us to harness its power.  Organisations who emerge stronger from the pandemic will be those who leverage the full potential of current and emerging technologies.

The library from the sofa

From just reimagining how they engage with customers to actually delivering it – from home from office, multilingual from anywhere from just surviving to thriving! Are you ready to seize the moment?

The multicultural solus app

It’s time to show your customers that even if the library’s physical doors are shut the virtual door is open! Open to all the library’s resources and to your team’s expertise. Put your library into their hands (and pockets)!

The library in your pocket

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