Library – A revolutionary concept

Library – A revolutionary concept! It is so true that if public libraries didn’t already exist, our current political system would never allow us to build them. The concept it too revolutionary: All of the knowledge and entertainment of humanity made available, to everyone.

What libraries do, deliver, invent and innovate – all for the betterment of community, society, learning and democracy is incredible. We can never fit it all into a simple blog but take a look at just a very few examples of what is going on.

Library – A revolutionary concept
The great reknitting – A great library revolutionary concept

We love library mystery and mayhem! A rare book laced with a deadly poison was discovered by librarians in Leeds as part of a global search for toxic texts on shelves across the world.

Library marketing is so important! Take a look at Public Libraries South Australia’s new branding and key message ‘For all who seek’ for the South Australian Public Library Network.

What’s the purpose of libraries? Who do they serve? Listen to the podcast

Library – A revolutionary concept

“Words Grow Minds” New literacy campaign aimed at children with developmental vulnerabilities

Libraries Connected has published its new strategic plan for 2023 to 2027, with a focus on creating a more diverse library workforce, building a robust evidence base on the impact of libraries and developing a stronger voice for the sector as it works with local and national government.

Erik is our 3rd guest interview in our amazing global mover and shakers series in the library industry.

We must nurture libraries as they have an important role to play in reknitting the human connections that are being lost to the way we live and work now, to remote work, to loneliness.

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