Library focus – the good, bad and the ugly! At SOLUS our team have a global view of what’s happening in library services across the world. This month we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly in the world of libraries! We know you are busy so we have chosen a few snippets from our twitter feed of just what’s been going on this month.

We loved the Living Libraries Infrastructure Program (LLIP) which enables councils and regional library corporations to deliver new or renewed library infrastructure for their communities. So worth copying!

It was great to see a shift from usage to impact setting a new light on the different ways in which public libraries make a difference to people’s lives, and how we can measure this from Christian Lauersen in an IFLA article and also from the US.

Library focus – Libraries gave us power

Libraries gave us power! ..and as we expected they are stepping up again! Stepping up in the cost of living crisis and how libraries plan to support the vulnerable this winter.

WOW! The debate is now very heated as students condemned Wiley’s removal of 1,300 eBooks from university libraries. Libraries are on the front line again read ‘We’ve moved backwards’: US librarians face unprecedented attacks amid rightwing book bans.

EBLIDA has published draft of its guidelines on library legislation and policy in Europe. From Australia we loved how Melbourne is trying to soothe its pandemic-jaded residents, one pop-up library at a time Love this!

Library focus
Library focus
Library focus

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