Library Innovation is Alive and Kicking!

WOW! Library innovation is alive and kicking! Across the world people naturally make strong associations between books and libraries. However, providing the community with new and innovative programmes, new gathering spaces and offering access to technology are what is changing perceptions and for many it is often securing funding. There are many example that show libraries are much more than books alone we have chosen just a few!

We want to help spread best practice in library innovation, and in meeting new digital age demands. We believe libraries are crucial in addressing information challenges and creating opportunities for communities to engage with information, new ideas and each other. More than ever, we are hearing from libraries that community engagement is a high priority.

The Solus team are always amazed at the innovative work we see going on in libraries across the world. We share a lot of that news on our twitter and linkedin feeds, but just in case you missed it we thought we’d summarise some of those snippets here.

WOW! Read about Memphis with its own TV and radio stations, what about a VR project with teens on mental health? How fab are those cool school libraries from across the world?

We also chose “Where did you get that book – the “Freckle ” report” – no, not that Freckle so have a read! The Uvalde shootings horrified the world and one librarian shares her story of stepping up. Last but far from least you know we love beautiful libraries so enjoy!

Library innovation is alive and kicking! Memphis

Library innovation is alive and kicking! – Exeter UK
United States

Library innovation is alive and kicking! International
Uvalde United States
Library innovation United States
Library innovation Australia

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