At SOLUS we are always one step ahead and we wanted to surprise and delight you as usual! So we came up with something so very smart! In the planning we knew it had it to be simple and intuitive and to give your customers the same smooth experience they have when they use their grocery store app or favourite takeaway places.

You may call it Click and Collect or Tap and Go or Curbside Pickup?  we call it a GAMECHANGER! – realtime, touchless choice and convenience with the SOLUS app!

We’ve all seen just how important library services have become in these unprecedented times. More than ever your customers have wanted access to all of your fabulous resources, information and learning opportunities. They’ve wanted all of that but from home and without worrying about social distancing and contact issues.

In fact we think its so good it will probably become a regular part of your future online services that your customers will expect!

Watch this video and be ready to deliver truly great service during any lockdown or as part of your future service. 

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