Lockdown made our library better!

Kingston Libraries are not just surviving but thriving!

The current uncertainty driven by COVID-19 is not going away but COVID-19 has provided many of us with a once in a lifetime opportunity for driving rapid digital transformation and innovation.

This is a great article from the Bookseller about exactly that! I absolutely love this quote!

“I think the main thing I will take away from all of this is how awesome and creative librarians can be when you create a space to experiment, time to develop new projects and resources to apply them.”

Marion Tessier at Kingston Libraries

At SOLUS we love working with forward-thinking library teams across the globe! We spend a lot of time with progressive library teams to rethink what the future of libraries, technology, and urban change will look like. By working with them we can help shape a more resilient and inclusive library experience together. In fact we get all our best ideas from them – we love the – can you? could you? questions from them? I am of course also very proud that Kingston libraries use the SOLUS app to enable and underpin their customers’ access to all that they do there too!

The app allows quick and easy access to find and enjoy eBooks, eAudiobooks, language apps, digital magazines and newspapers, eComics, and eResearch databases, homework help, career support……

It’s safe and contactless, reducing the need for expensive kiosk hardware and the cleaning between patrons that transactions require.

New app features mean:

  • It’s your membership card – never forgotten again!
  • Keep your own and the entire family’s account details in one place, with loans and requests for everyone available at a glance.
  • Renew quickly from one place for everyone.
  • You can search the catalogue easily, and request a book at a click. In addition there’s a scan a barcode feature that allows you to scan the ISBN found on the back cover of any book, then linking seamlessly through to check the catalogue and allow you to request it. 
  • Ebooks, audiobooks, music, as well as other resources can be downloaded directly to your device.
  • All our social media accounts, news, and the library events calendar available in one place.
  • Book a pc from your device.  
  • Nearest libraries, with directions via Google maps along with their opening hours and contact details.

At SOLUS we continue to explore ways to meet our customers and communities wherever they are and continue to innovate and reimagine library services. With so many library customers stuck at home it is more important than ever to ensure that your library’s digital resources are accessible.

The feedback from residents and library users to the work of the Kingston team was amazing One user said;

“All of you at the library have gone above and beyond keeping us avid readers occupied over the past 2 months. I’m extremely grateful that we have such dedicated and talented ibrarians.” 

@kinglibheritage  https://lnkd.in/dG8aaUb Via the bookseller


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