Magic of Library Marketing!

Ah! the magic of library marketing! It is so crucial as we consider the challenges to library services from changes in society, educational approaches and the impact of new technology. Also new media, new information seeking behaviours and declining budgets have meant that marketing is more essential than ever.

Libraries have changed so much! They are like chameleons and adapt to community needs and technological changes constantly. It is vital we share that to increase awareness of the library’s value and to expand our user base. And critical to keep society, policy makers, our users and potential users informed and educated about the resources and services that match their needs and interests. Excellence in library marketing is essential in order to offer benefits to users and to reduce barriers to use and access. Good marketing will persuade and inform users, and help us to carefully plan to deliver on users’ needs well. No mean feat though! so it is so important that marketing should be prioritised and funded properly, it can’t just be an afterthought anymore

That’s why we loved the IFLA PressReader International Marketing Award Winners 2022

In its 19th year, this award honours organizations that implement creative, results-oriented marketing projects or campaigns. Submissions were received from all over the world, with entries from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Croatia, Egypt, France, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Oman, Poland, Peru, Russia, Spain, Sweden, USA and Zambia

Magic of library marketing! – The award winners

This year, winning libraries receive funds towards airfare, lodging and registration to attend the IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Dublin, Ireland in July 2022. The first place will receive €3,000, the second place will receive €2,000 and the third place will receive €1,500.For 2022, the top winners are:

1st Yarra Libraries (Australia): We’re ready for the next chapter. Help us write it  notes first place winner Yarra Libraries for their campaign; a clever mix of digital and print, non-traditional outreach as well as effective user participation.

Magic of library marketing! Go Yarra!

2nd  Peking University Elementary School Library (China): Illuminating Our Library Students completed various group activities, which resulted in 800+ themed stories about “Me and My Library.”

Magic of library marketing!

3rd Chattanooga Public Library (USA): Here We Grow! This well-executed campaign emphasizes the importance of communicating the wide range of services a modern public library offers.

Love it! Magic of library marketing!

“Marketing and promotion are a critical part of all the work we do to be inclusive and to protect intellectual freedom. We need more library conference sessions that provide tips and inspiration for library promotion” Angela Hursh. I can’t agree more Angela!

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