Our Team

Say hello to the team transforming your brilliant ideas into top tech!

Neil Wishart


Hi, I’m Neil and I’m CEO at SOLUS. It’s a bit of a grand title in a small business as we all muck in and do a bit of everything, or what’s required and when. I’m proud of our team and how we’ve managed to grow SOLUS internationally in recent years and that’s one of the best things about my job; traveling in the UK and internationally, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and seeing how libraries are making a difference to people’s lives in different ways around the world. Oh & the food and beverage options are most often pretty decent as well! When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with family & friends, cooking & eating BBQ (just bought a pizza oven.. so that’s next), playing with cars, skiing, movies and a bit of cycling.

Andrew Daye


Hi! I’m Andrew and I’m the CTO here at Solus. I have a passion for building products that make people’s lives easier – and especially love it when we get the reaction “I didn’t think that was even possible” from customers and end users. My first job was working in a university library in Glasgow, and have been involved with libraries ever since. I now live in Edinburgh, but love to travel and am very thankful to have had lots of opportunities to meet library staff around the world. 

Brenton Hall

Director, apac

Hi, I’m Brenton a Director of SOLUS and responsible for our business in the APAC region, based out of Melbourne in Australia.  I have a passion for innovative technology and delivering impactfully solutions in partnership with libraries for the benefit of the community.  It’s great to be able to work closely with libraries to bring all the fantastic content and services they offer to the fingertips of library users.  When I’m not working I love to spend time with my young family, watching sport and cooking. 

John Richardson

director north America

Hi, I’m John (also known to many as JR). I’m the Director of SOLUS in North America based in Upstate New York and I’m focused on Business Development and Partnerships. I’ve been in the Library Industry for most of my working life and some would call me an industry veteran but I’m not ready for the bench anytime soon, Libraryland is too much fun! Previously to SOLUS I worked with the Linked Data innovator Zepheira and before that I helped grow the Polaris ILS system in North America.

Liz McGettigan


Hi, I’m Liz and I’m the Director of Digital Library Experiences at SOLUS and based in our UK office. I have a focus and passion for delivering results that create more effective libraries and better user experiences! Working as a team at SOLUS I use my global industry knowledge and network to reimagine and deliver innovative and contactless library user experiences. I was formerly Head of Edinburgh’s Library and Information Services and Founder of the EDGE Conference. I continue my work as Co-Chair Internet Librarian International. I was a Scotland Women in Technology Finalist 2017 and one of Scotland’s top 10 Digital Disruptors 2016. In 2017 I was named as one of HOLYROOD’S TOP TECH 100 2017 and a Past President of CILIPs. 

Natalie Hall

Business Manager

Hi, I’m Natalie and I’m the Business Manager at SOLUS in Australia. I have a passion for books, innovation, technology and creating a positive impact. When I’m not working some of my favourite things to do are catching up with friends and family, yoga, going to the beach, reading and travel.

Our Libraries

Just a few of the libraries that inspired our team throughout their childhood and beyond…

Katriona Williamson

Development Manager

Hi, I’m Katriona (Kit) and I’m the UK Business Development Manager at SOLUS. My role will be very much focused on new product launches in the next 12-18 months; the newly available Self-Service module within the App which has huge potential to drive efficiency in the market and also on a couple of new exciting initiatives that we have been working on behind the scenes… watch this space! Away from work and aside from reading/mobile games (yep bit of an addict on both) I enjoy seeing new places… especially those warmer & drier than the West of Scotland, skiing and spending time with family and friends.

Caroline Dellow

Library Outreach

Hi, I’m Caroline and I work in Library Outreach and enjoy connecting with all the libraries. When I am not working, I am a busy mum of three amazing children Jess (7), Ruaridh (5) and Innes (1) and trying to learn some Gaelic as they are at the Gaelic school. In my spare time I love to cook and bake – always looking for new recipes. I am also am an avid Formula 1 fan and enjoy watching all the races. Recently I have taken up open water swimming which is cold but so much fun.  When I get the chance, my favourite thing to do is curl up with a cup of tea and the latest murder mystery. 

Stuart Regan


Hi, I’m Stuart and I’m a Senior .NET Developer at SOLUS. I stayed in Dundee just long enough to allow a succession of teachers and lecturers to attempt to teach me stuff, leaving when I found gainful employment with a large computer manufacturer. I then spent 17 years successfully pretending to be a process engineer and then a test engineer with a side order of software development. It was often said I was one of the best test engineers ever allowed out and I’m inclined to agree with me. The next few years saw me utilise my software skills to aid and abet companies engaged in debt recovery, ship/offshore management, craft beer distribution and road haulage, before finally arriving here at SOLUS where they kindly let me do very technical things people don’t seem to understand.

Kevin Lancaster

tech support

Hi, I’m Kevin.. or Kev and I’ve been working at Solus for about 4 years supporting the business in technical and customer support.  Initially I worked in our Melbourne office but after living in Australia for the past 16 years, I’m now back in the UK and based in Glasgow. Outside of work I enjoy being outdoors (not so easy with the great British weather… I do miss Oz!!) and participating in activities such as water skiing, snow skiing, camping, BBQ’s and socialising. 

Hesham Saqqar

front end developer

Hi, I am Hesham and I head up the Front-End web development at SOLUS. I recently graduated with a 1st Class (Hons) degree in Web & Mobile Development. As one of the Front-End developers, I am responsible for designing, developing and testing web Apps and I help bring our clients’ and designers’ ideas to life. Besides web apps; my skill set includes UI/UX Design, Mobile App Development, Web Design, Graphic Design, 3D Modelling & Rendering Architectural Visualisation and CGI. Away from work I like Karate, Calligraphy, Music and playing the Lute (a guitar-like string instrument).

William McClumpha


I’m William, one of the programmers at Solus. I mainly work on the Planet Library children’s App, adding new features and improving existing ones, along with occasionally working on various other projects and Apps. Outside of work, I usually spend my time playing computer games, working on small computing and app projects, and filling any other time up with movies and TV shows.

Alasdair Hendry


Hi, I’m Alasdair and I’m a games developer and programmer at SOLUS. I create minigames for our kids’ app, Planet Library! I also work on the design of the app from time to time, and create applications and tools, which help us provide the best services possible. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, Munro-bagging (climbing, and most importantly, playing video games. 

Scot MacLellan

3D Artist

Hi, I’m Scott and I am the resident 3D artist at SOLUS. This makes me responsible for 3D elements in Planet Library and aspects of the games and in-Library character hunt. I also take some responsibility for some marketing material and videos that may need to be created. Outside of work, I love playing football and getting innovative with 3D design and modelling.