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SOLUS is a small but agile company headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland. We also have offices in Australia and the USA that give us a global customer support network across Europe, the Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

Who we are...

A technology development company

We are software focused, developing highly functional and scalable mobile applications. Scalable design is intentional; to enable us to punch above our weight and rapidly deliver class leading products to customers across the globe. We can launch a dedicated App in a week, where much larger organisations in our space can take 1 year+

It’s also why, as the world changes, we change with it. Intuitive and innovative, we’re proud of our ability to adapt in the blink of an eye. You’ll never find us standing still — which is why we stand out from the crowd.

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The experts behind our future thinking technology and software…

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Heard enough to think we can help you make an impact in your community? Please contact us and let’s have a conversation! Or take more of a look around. You’ll soon discover how Solus helps you interact with the people that matter most, your customers!

Our customers

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As we’re approaching 6,000 library sites live around the world and many hundreds of customers, we don’t want to single out just a few customer logos to appear on our page. Large, medium or small, all our customers are equally important to us and you’re spreading out around the world… rapidly.

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