Pianos Parties and Promotion

Pianos parties and promotion in libraries – just a few of the stories we have chosen this week that promote the work of libraries. We think they are all inspirational, affordable and creative. They are stories that we love because they can help raise awareness, change attitudes, mobilise communities and funders for our libraries. They demonstrate sustainability, access, levellingup and the excitement of new build libraries and resources.

The London borough of Haringey is putting pianos in every single library to “level the playing field’ for less privileged children. Each is equipped with headphones to ensure no other library users are disturbed. Customers will now be able to enjoy making music on premium digital hybrid pianos in all nine of the libraries in the area. They will be free to use for all library card holders with time slots at a maximum of two hours per day available.

Each of the libraries will be home to Casio GP-310, with top of the range sound quality and weighted wooden keys making it near identical to a traditional acoustic piano. The pianos, along with benches, headphones, castors and protective covers, were procured by Haringey Music Service in partnership with the Libraries Service.

Pianos parties and promotion in libraries

Party Kits – “Switching to reusables reduces a party’s carbon footprint as well as waste going to landfill. The new kits provide a fun and colourful way to participate in a circular economy.” The reusable party kits will support parents to model cost-effective sustainable practices to their children – simple yet achievable hygiene.

Loaning a party kit is cheaper than buying disposables and after each loan the equipment is returned to be used by other community members. All recycled plastic items are dishwasher safe. Find out more here!

Pianos parties and promotion in libraries

Essex Library Service’s new app is live! The new app has some amazing features and it puts the library in the palm of your hand anytime, anywhere. Multicultural communities need to make their app available in many languages and the Solus app does just that in over 24 languages

The award is given to a newly designed library that’s excelled at combining sustainable and open architecture and incorporating learning technology, IT solutions, local culture, and landscape. The award was presented to the MPL by the International Federation of Library Associations. The Missoula Public Library is the first library in North America to receive this award.

Money and resources are tight these days! How about making the most of marketing your library events and bookings with this fabulous resource? info at SOLUS

How to identify strengths and recommendations on how libraries could become more closely connected with early years services, health and partner agencies working towards the development and delivery of family hubs. Read it here

Money and resources are tight these days! How about fascinating exhibitions that won’t cost you a penny? Free books, resources,holiday fun and children’s activities where they learn so much? How about free wi-fi and access to technology……………………..? Check these out here !


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