Planet Library Takes Off!

Planet Library takes off! While NASA works to get the rocket ready, the Artemis mission will see the Orion Spacecraft do almost a full orbit of Earth as it escapes the atmosphere, before it sets out on its 6 week journey around the moon and back home. About 9 hours after lift-off, we should start to see the first images of our planet from Orion.

Like us we know so many young people are fascinated by this mission. We also know that parents are continuously seeking ways to improve their parenting skills, their children’s learning and literacy skills. We get it! We want libraries to be the go-to place for learning, reading and fun around the topic.

Our customers love the SOLUS library app but it isn’t quite doing the business for the kids. So we decided to hire big kids with bright ideas. So planet Library took off and SOLUS have now delivered a fun and safe way to enjoy the library, learning and reading in a way we know young people now enjoy.

We are at a time when technology and other social and economic forces continuously threaten to make us all very unsure about just what our children are exposed to online. We believe the key can be found in your library and that the benefits of taking children to the library simply cannot be underestimated. 

Children can enjoy Planet Library and safely interact with other kids. Your library is as you know a rare free, safe place outside the home where children can explore and learn. Planet Library is a unique way of fostering children’s reading, learning and development. It provides a social and learning meeting place but also in the way many children love to work nowadays.

Planet Library takes off!

Children and families are undoubtedly important as they are our next generation users. By developing Planet Library, we have created :

  • A resource parents can trust
  • A reading challenge – designed not to be just around summer reading
  • Ability for young readers to track their progress and take pride in reading/learning
  • Enabled gamification allows for light interaction – and makes the library fun
  • A child friendly/engaging user interface
  • Integration with the ILS for searching, viewing holds, seeing check-outs, and other standard My Account info – but for young people.

Watch the video here!

Planet Library takes off!

Planet Library takes off! Yes and we are keen to develop collaborative relationships with children’s librarians and marketing personnel to help with deploying and promoting the application.

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