Planet Library

Our customers love The Library App but we recognised that it wasn’t quite doing the business for the kids! We get that. So we decided to hire big kids with bright ideas.

So what is Planet Library?

And why is it neccessary?

Well our Library friends told us that they get great engagement from young children coming along to classes like “Rhymetime” with their parents. But when they start school, they use the public library less. Then when they start high school, their participation really decreases, to the point it’s almost non-existent.

At the same time, children’s use of mobile devices to watch video content and to play games are going through the roof. And this is happening at a younger and younger age. 

There are wider issues with this but we realised that we could use this device and content addiction, to engage them with the library! So it’s important to plug that gap and drive engagement when other entertainment is competing for their attention. It’s important to make the library experience fun for kids and make it digital in a physical world.

Then our big kids thought about Pokemon GO… and characters and challenges and games and leaderboards and tokens and rewards and augmented reality…. and how that could be applied to the Library experience for school aged kids. And Planet Library, our children’s Library App was hatched.

Planet Library entices children to come to the Library. It excites them when they there and then rewards them for coming. It also encourages them to participate in your Summer Reading Challenge and turns it into a year round digital challenge that motivates them to read more and more.

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