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Like the rest of the world the public library is facing a social, cultural and technological tsunami. The way we communicate, live and work, every nation, job, business, and person is being transformed. Learning is changing, communities, industry and the way people interact is changing.

Libraries offer so much to so many people from cradle to grave. and marketing of public library services has always been notoriously difficult. So how do we show people how we’ve changed, what we are and what we do nowadays?

How do we show the new roles of modern libraries – a place for friends to meet, a vibrant hub for the wider community, a multi-platform centre for learning, sparking interaction, promoting knowledge and strengthening community ties, how do we inspire and prove a powerful resource for all?

Often we have a million and one ideas in our heads about how to do this but now is the time to put some of them down on paper, explore which might fly or might be better forgotten, and decide how you  want to move forward? We need to get better at marketing and find a big loud voice. Yes, it’s bound to take a bit of time and effort but doesn’t anything worthwhile? A marketing strategy will help you decide which customers to target and how.

Make eyecatching videos!

As mobile devices are always to hand they are not only reshaping the customer experience, they are disrupting the entire process of knowledge exchange and more especially disrupting the business of the public library. The rapid pace of technology is not only changing the future of libraries and the way we live and work but possibly changing us all as humans.

Expose your resources and content!


We were delighted to hear from Anj Barnett, Library Systems and eServices Leader, our partners in Moreton Bay Region Libraries Australia. Anj told us how Moreton Bay Region Libraries are working towards driving the smartphone / contactless agenda and said;

“they have mapped out a 4 stage marketing strategy over 12 months to ensure they have the greatest chance of engaging as many customers as possible. Their strategy starts with early adopters who they hope to convert to brand advocates to encourage even the most reluctant users of technology to try the myMBRL app by SOLUS. 


Billboard promoting the library app
Banner advertising

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Moreton Bay autosignatures
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Anj told us that “The SOLUS app delivers many strategic goals for us so strong uptake is essential. Our marketing strategy has been broad and innovative from advertising on a billboard to radio interviews and even CEO endorsement.”

Watch this space as we share best marketing strategy from across the globe! [email protected]


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