Anytime, anywhere! Richardson Public Library in Texas is really delighted with the upgrade from the old Boopsie App to their fabulous new App following the acquisition of Boopsie by SOLUS in October 20. It’s a new intuitive app that also streamlines curbside pickup!

It’s multilingual and contactless – a safe hygienic way to access the library 24/7. Richardson patrons can now enjoy the many new app features and choose and order from the comfort of sofa, car or office!

As the pandemic continues, services like curbside pickup continue to be popular ways to get access to everything from groceries to library books. Picking up curbside items at the Richardson library will be even more safe and seamless. Residents will be able to use the myRPL app anytime anywhere!

Check out this video to see how!..

It’s so simple!

  • Open the myRPL app.
  • Click the My Account > Holds > Curbside Delivery button.
  • You will see the button only if you have a hold item that is ready to check out.
  • When you arrive at the library, park in a numbered curbside spot.

A great partnership!

Let’s shake on it!


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