A People’s Network – A new Eco-System for empowering libraries and patrons! This is the vision of a single digital presence for TLC – the libraries consortium, a digital front door for The Libraries Consortium (TLC) now realised with the new LSP – now a giant leap closer!

We were super excited to hear Kelly Saini Badwal of (TLC) formerly The London Libraries Consortium present on this at Internet Librarian with Solus Directors John Richardson and Andrew Daye joining the panel! Kelly talked about the technology and people underpinning the Library Consortium’s new game-changing LSP.

Existing Library Discovery Platforms are long in the tooth, and not very engaging. We all know that user interfaces like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Roku etc. are attracting leagues of new users that are accustomed to highly visual, functional and engaging user experiences. It is time that libraries offered a similar experience but with trusted content? In addition we must move away from the status quo of a collection of non-integrated services – often by vendor (search events separately, search the catalogue separately, search eContent separately, etc) and deliver a better and personalized patron centric service?

You may have seen the movie “The Social Network”? TLC imagined a People’s Network – an amalgam of the vast digital access to library resources and their physical library spaces and resources. It’s a gamechanger that links together the various apps and digital services that currently run independently of each other and provide customers with an exciting new front end to access online services. A front-facing part that customers see and access -trusted, safe platform for libraries and communities with the network of physical libraries already exists.

– a People’s Network – a package with free & trusted services
– a People’s Network… a Netflix for libraries…. the digital front door with a commercial grade discovery experience and service. It presents beautiful access to the trusted content, resources and services libraries provide, in a way that people are used to (and expect) online with an experience they want to consume.

At the back end, customer relationship management & marketing automation for personalisation of content, personalised exclusively for them….. for every single individual!

If big tech. can do it, reaching me as an individual product/service user, why can’t libraries and at the same time cement a link between our digital and physical services?

A single digital presence for TLC – the libraries consortium! Now a reality for TLC members.

Technology ­and finance­ often ­dominate the digital agenda. In a world where local authorities are struggling to provide basic services, aligning work forces with new technology is likely to ­be ­difficult. ­It’s­ a­ problem ­that­ a­ consortium can often overcome as when you take into account all the authorities it is a multi-million-pound contract, giving the TLC strength in numbers in terms of procurement. The consortium wanted a single digital presence for the members and they wanted it tailored to their specifications.

When The Libraries Consortium went through the procurement process they really pushed the market in a way that the sector has never really done in the UK. This was because they were not just thinking about purchasing a Library Management System- LMS, but were looking at the next generation of technology and a platform and having far better services and systems for our customers to access – a digital front door, a single digital presence for the Libraries Consortium .

They all agreed it was time for a better and personalized patron centric service? If big tech can do it, why can’t libraries, and at the same time, cement a link between digital and physical services? Well they can and they have! 2 years on, with the help of Solus they have turned the vision and the passion of member libraries into a People’s Network a single digital presence that is now a reality for TLC members.

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