Last month SOLUS UK acquired Boopsie Mobile App Division from Demco, Inc.

When Demco researched the market they ascertained that the Library App from Solus UK (also known as BLUECloud Mobile for SirsiDynix customers) was by far and away the global market leader, surpassing the number of installations and features over Communico’s Engage, OCLC’s Capira and MyLibro, Chilifresh and LibraryThing among others.

Additionally, the Solus team has global server deployments in various countries to aid in insuring Patron privacy – that the data resides in the home country. A review of the Solus technology infrastructure provided a comfort to the Executive team at Demco that the transition will provide an immediate upgrade of patron functionality, is scalable, secure and is leading edge.

Of course, everyone should go through that evaluation process, but once you’ve done your due diligence, you will come to the same conclusion that Demco did, in that SOLUS is offering best-of-breed in the Library App space.

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SOLUS is the world’s #1 Library App provider for public libraries; now in use in almost 6,000 locations on 5 continents and growing rapidly. The Library App supports 12 different ILS platforms using proprietary web services and is available in 20+ languages. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, SOLUS has offices in Australia and the US and provides white labelled solutions to a number of ILS partners, as well as selling direct.

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At SOLUS we work with public libraries, and more and more universities, college and special libraries. Our services enable libraries to deliver improved services and reduce costs through more effective and imaginative use of technology.

We understand libraries’ digital services are more important to the communities they serve than ever before. we want to work with you to see your libraries thriving not just surviving! COVID has provided a digital pivot a shift for us from collections to connections to supporting our communities, their learning, the caring and new programming. It is a unique moment in time for libraries to explore opportunities and experiences during this period of extraordinary and rapid service realignment.

Now is the time to capitalise on how libraries have supported their communities, to build on the success and promotion that the digital pivot provides. The opportunities this has presented for the library’s audience to shift, grow and change, bringing more people into contact with the library, in different ways, and for different purposes. We know libraries that is why SOLUS has now gone on to become the largest supplier of Library apps globally, white labelling the app for several ILS/LMS suppliers. Our products are unique, class leading, innovative and continually evolving.

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Libraries’ continuing success lies in how and how fast and well we manage through these challenges. SOLUS is here to help your change become super-charged. 

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