The SOLUS consortia-friendly app

The SOLUS consortia-friendly app is “an app within an app” mobile option – SOLUS, New York – February 17, 2022 – SOLUS is pleased to announce the growing deployment of consortia “templates”, essentially an app-within-an-app, for member libraries within a consortium.

The SOLUS consortia-friendly app

“Library consortiums are alive-and-well in North America and many are growing in members since the pandemic began” states John Richardson, Director of North America for SOLUS. A unique to the SOLUSmobile app is its ability to support consortium subscriptions, and then allow member libraries to have their own template, akin to an app-within-an-app. These templates then link to the master subscription – but at a fraction of the price of another stand-alone subscription.

The SOLUS consortia-friendly app is deployed in the Illinois Heartland Library System (SHARE) take a look!

The SOLUS consortia-friendly app

Member libraries are seeking cost savings for various services including ILS, database and other services and subscriptions that a centralised system can offer at a better price point. Member libraries also desire to have their own autonomy, branding and identity where possible.   The SOLUS app template offers the perfect hybrid – cost efficiency at the consortium level, with the option for local autonomy.

Another example of the SOLUS consortia-friendly app is South Central Library System (WISCONSIN) a consortium that has very successfully deployed the Solus Library App

The SOLUS consortia-friendly app deployed in Wisconsin

With the SOLUS consortia-friendly app a member library can opt for a template, which provides customization of their color scheme, logo, fonts, opening hours, icons, etc. In addition, they can have their own links to:

  • calendar/events system
  • room booking platform
  • both consortium and/or local eResources
  • offer Patron Self-Check-Out/In via barcode or RFID
  • local happenings and content of interest to their community both inside and out of the library (for community engagement and outreach)

Listen to Lisa Larkin in the video below!

The SOLUS consortia-friendly app – self service

Each template has its own access to their Content Management System (CMS) channel to manage their own local content – a boon for busy consortia staffs. As of this press release, SOLUS has deployed over 600 templates for member libraries for its customer base (including reseller partners). The app-within-an-app model is ideal for public, academic, multi-type and school district consortiums.


SOLUS is the world’s #1 Library App provider for public libraries and growing in academics; with SOLUS built Library Apps now in use in over 7,000 locations on 6 continents and growing rapidly. The Library App supports 13 different ILS platforms using APIs and web services and is available in over 24 languages. SOLUS expanded its product suite to include Events & Room Bookings globally with its eb#1 platform. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, SOLUS has offices in Australia and New York and provides white labelled solutions to a number of ILS partners, as well as selling direct.

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