Connections not just collections!

Library customers across the world are using phones and mobile devices to conduct their day-to-day business online. There is now an expectation for libraries to be easily accessible 24/7 by mobile devices, indeed not so much an expectation more of an essential. 

We know that libraries are competing for people’s time and custom with the likes of Amazon, Netflix, and even McDonalds as a Wi-Fi and study access point! How are they providing information to their customers? Digital discovery, mobile ordering, and curbside delivery!

To remain competitive, libraries need to make sure they are also offering easy 24/7 access to an innovative discovery system!

the library from bed!

The SOLUS app allows libraries to remain competitive, to excite and meet changing patron expectations, to reach out and make connections. Indeed libraries have the advantage of being such a well-loved, free and trusted ethical brand, a USP that we need to promote! Our libraries are also placemakers, community centres, catalysts, places for connections not just collections! This is what we must shout about!

The SOLUS app is also better for rural or disadvantaged communities as most people nowadays have a phone, even if they may not have a desktop computer. It also can be accessed easier with less bandwidth and via a mobile network versus internet.

no desktop, no worries!

The SOLUS app is inclusive and multilingual and in addition to catalogue and account access, the app provides additional features, including digital library cards, barcode scanning, content carousels, notifications, and the nearest public library locations…… . It connects and invites customers to events and programmes and to be a part of the community. Connections not just collections are what matter!

If so many of your customers can self-serve on the app just think how much time you can then devote to those customers who need that little bit of extra help with complicated research queries or who just want to interact this way? No more time consuming looking up forgotten membership cards or replacement of lost membership cards, less need for expensive self service kiosks? Win,win !

time for people!

It’s time to talk to us !

Watch this great example of the SOLUS app in action! 24/7, simple, intuitive access to your library. The myMBRL is the Moreton Bay Region Libraries app -designed to access library resources from your smartphone or tablet, anywhere, anytime.

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