Library promotion and marketing is so important and yet marketing of public library services is also notoriously difficult. We offer so much to so many people from cradle to grave. Yet for many people there is still a perception of libraries that they’re very quiet, and full of old books. We need a big loud, united and targeted voice and vision to challenge any negative perceptions.

Having a brand that is easily recognisable is crucial to help increase awareness of your existence and makes you and your library instantly visible. We all know that the word “Library” is an amazing brand in itself – synonymous with trust, inclusion, equality and democracy. Branding is so important to get right. Ideally use the colours of that logo to create one for the library and information services.

At SOLUS we love the way our partners at Sunshine Coast Libraries have put the library in their customers’ pockets. Making it simple and fun for patrons to use!

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