Sydney – the 100th SOLUS built Library App of 2021

SOLUS Library App Launch – City of Sydney – the 100th SOLUS built Library App of 2021 to go live!

Glasgow, UK – December 6, 2021 – SOLUS is pleased to announce the launch of it’s 100th new Library App of the year, with City of Sydney in Australia going live.

Watch the video here City of Sydney libraries app – cityofsydney

Sydney – the 100th SOLUS built Library App of 2021

Brenton Hall, Director, SOLUS ANZ, states, “We’re delighted to launch City of Sydney on the Library App. Sydney’s a very recognisable name internationally which is great but we’ve been excited to launch every one of the 20 new customers we’ve added in Australia and New Zealand this year, with a few more to add before 2021 closes out.

Neil Wishart, CEO of SOLUS states, “We’re seeing really strong growth in the Library App across all markets and it’s great to have Sydney launch. With a brand new App launching this time next year, there are exciting things to come for our customers and partners. Whilst that build has commenced, customers will not have to wait that long for new functionality as the current App will continue to be developed. There will be a refresh in Q1 and expect innovation across the first half of next year.


SOLUS is the world’s #1 Library App provider for public libraries and growing in academics; with SOLUS built Library Apps now in use in over 7,500 library locations on 5 continents and growing rapidly. The Library App supports 14 different ILS platforms using APIs and web services and is available in 24 languages. SOLUS recently expanded its product suite to include eb#1, it’s Events & Room Bookings product. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, SOLUS has offices in Australia and the US and provides white labelled solutions to a number of ILS partners, as well as selling direct.

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