The fascinating world of libraries! This week our team have chosen a few hot topics for you! Topics that range widely from the digital book war to “ReadandFeed” We think it’s wonderful to see how libraries are providing nutritious holiday meals to children at this time. We also loved how Noah Lenstra highlighted the importance and value of your library staff and partnerships.

We showed off our fab new app and we looked at the need for excellence in an academic library app. We heard about the power of self issue in Donegal Libraries. We loved the Scottish Libraries “LendandMend” project.

We were also delighted that at a time when many councils in London and elsewhere are closing libraries Wandsworth Borough Council are expanding and improving their libraries.

Here are those chosen snippets from our twitter feed.

Libraries Need More Freedom to Distribute Digital Books. But publishers are working hard to prevent that.

The fascinating world of libraries! Digital publishing

Free Holiday Meals for children provided by GLL UK Great nutritious food provided for all.

The fascinating world of libraries! ReadandFeed

THE ACADEMIC LIBRARY APP – so essential today! We are well known for our mobile app in public Libraries and our newly introduced events and room booking platform. Check out our all-in-one solution for students and faculty.

The fascinating world of libraries! Library Technology

One of the most important tasks before us in public librarianship is advocating for the idea that the most critical asset of the library is its workers, who need to be seen as partners who work together w/ others to figure out what to do in communities.

The fascinating world of libraries! Library staffing

Free up your staff with the self check in and self check out feature directly from your phone! The app is free and can be found on both iTunes and Google Play by searching for Donegal Library Service. For more info:

Library self-check

Amazing project! “At a time when many councils in London and elsewhere are closing libraries to save money we are expanding and improving our provision” Wandsworth Borough Council and The Design Concept

Library investment and Library Design

A BRAND NEW LIBRARY APP for 2023! For us at SOLUS, engagement is everything, any screen, their device or yours, we drive interaction and rich and rewarding experiences. Want to know more?

9 Scottish public libraries will benefit from new Lend & Mend Hubs in 2023. They will give communities free access to repair, reuse, rent & upcycle everyday items – keeping them in use for longer, rather than being thrown away.
The fascinating world of libraries!

The fascinating world of libraries! We hope you have enjoyed our snippets this week! If you have then follow us on Twitter or contact us for more info.


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