“The icing on the cake” … but don’t take it from us!

We could easily sing the praises of our app but Cecelia and her lovely friend from Danbury Library have done it for us and in a much better way! So much so that we just had to share her testimonial! Cecelia Lefurgy is UX and Access Services Librarian at Danbury Public Library, Connecticut, United States

In October 2020 Solus and Innovative joined forces and announced the release of the new Innovative Mobile product, which put the power of Sierra and Polaris into patrons’ hands worldwide. At SOLUS we are very proud that we were the development partner on this new Innovative Mobile App! Definitely – A new app to meet today’s challenges for Libraries and Consortia.

Cecelia is an Innovative customer and is keen to tell other libraries just how good the app is!  

“We’d been investigating app vendors for the last few years and this was the first that felt solid enough for us to take the plunge and we are glad that we did!”
Cecelia said

The Danbury Library app

This is her quick testimonial for promotion to other libraries:
“The new Innovative Mobile app is an excellent fit for our library. The app has everything we have been looking for: smooth integration with our catalog, a strong focus on account management, linked barcode storage for families, website content that opens within the app, translation capabilities, and a clean interface that we can customize to match our library’s branding The curbside pickup function, ISBN search, and book cover slider are icing on the cake.”

Just watch this!

The Solus and Innovative team were wonderful to work with. They were knowledgeable, quick to respond, and the turnover was very fast. The CMS is easy to use and gives us total control over content changes, as well as providing access to analytics.   We have only recently launched the app, but the feedback we have received from our patrons has all been very positive.” 

It’s great to get real and genuine feedback from customers!

The library in your pocket 24/7

Thanks again and take care! Cecelia


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