The Library App Challenge

We loved the library app challenge because we adore watching the amazing ways our customers go about engaging their customers, promoting their services and at the same time driving traffic to their social media. Its never been more important to shout about what we do! So what’s not to love about the TRACpac app challenge. What a great way to engage your customers with your library app! Not only that it is a fun way to teach customers but it keeps the library in the public eye. The TRACpac App Challenge is a part of the regular Marigold Library System eResources Challenge.

Find out more about Marigold in this video!

Marigold Library system – The Library App Challenge

Why not put your customers eResources knowledge to the test with a regular fun challenge like this? Each month, they will be featuring an eResource and posting a challenge to help customers familiarise (or re-familiarise) themselves with the eResources that are available to everyone.

The challenge will consist of knowledge-based and scavenger-hunt type questions about the featured eResource. Why participate in the eResources Challenge? It’s a great way to learn more about the eResources available, it means your team will be able to troubleshoot patron questions, and of course they are entered to win a grand prize draw!  

Every four months, they will have a grand prize draw for a $50.00 gift card of choice of Chapters/ Indigo or Amazon. The first set of the eResources Challenge will run from May – August. If customers complete the eResources Challenge by the end of the month, they are entered into the draw.

Customers can increase their chances of winning by getting an entry for each challenge completed. Additionally, keeping an eye on the library’s social media each month could mean an opportunity to earn a bonus entry!

Completing the eResources Challenge for May, June, July, and August plus the social media bonus entries, gives customers 8 chances to win in August!

This challenge is all about the TRACpac App. Check out how they have gone about it not only teaching and engaging customers, but promoting the library through social media.

The Library App Challenge

Why not have a look and see if something like this could work for your library. Just see how they have gone about it and try taking the eResources Challenge to test your knowledge. You may even learn something new!

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