The Library App

We’re excited to get the brand new Library App into the hands of our customers and their end users. We know they’re going to love the new functionality and style!

Have you seen our new app?

We’re passionate about helping all libraries to engage and develop their audience and grow their user base. Libraries offer high quality and free content and we believe that the Library App is the best product available to connect you and your audience. Effortlessly.

At Solus, engagement is everything. Any screen, their device or yours, we drive interaction and ensure that the user enjoys a rich and rewarding experience.

So, what's in the new 2023 app?

  • Brand new user interface
  • Enhanced push notifications
  • Deeper 3rd party integrations and seamless handoff – from discovery to content
  • Events & Room Bookings – for SOLUS’s eb#1 integration
  • Right-2-Left language support – supports Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu and other right to left languages
  • Support for Azure Active Directory Single Sign-On
  • Reading and Wish Lists
  • Reading Tracker – like fitness tracking for reading, where users track their reading activity and unlock virtual rewards
  • Enhanced Multi-Part RFID Tag Support – for checking out items such as box sets with multiple RFID tags
  • Additional Consortia Support 
  • Chromebook Version
  • Usability Improvements 


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