The Library the Community Catalyst!

The Library the Community Catalyst! Libraries are catalysts for culture, creativity and innovation and undoubtedly a force of positive energy and every now and again we choose some snippets from our social media feed to show just some of the great work we see every day in libraries across the world!

Re-imagining the public library network of tomorrow is a challenge and one that changes on a weekly basis. However library peeps across the world are doing just that with hard work, courage and determination. We can see them seizing the opportunities that our new complex world of technology and global information brings us. We see them challenging the status quo and driving change, recharging library leadership and nurturing a new breed of librarian.

We think this quote gets it just right! ” Whether a library boasts grand architecture or modest design, the physical space of a library has a way of communicating our underlying values as a society, providing resources and services for literacy and education, and aiding individuals in expanding their communal network. Libraries truly stand as remarkable spaces, playing the necessary role in ensuring that we continue to build up creative and innovative individuals to partake in our ever-evolving society. Therefore, the public’s need for libraries that serve as shared community-centred spaces is unlikely to change in the near future. ” ArchDaily

We’ve said it before that our best ideas and challenges come from our library community! Surrey Libraries asked us to add Ukrainian to the library app which already has over 24 languages and we turned that around in a week! The library is undoubtedly a catalyst in community and multiculturalism.

The libraries we work with are all continually reassessing changing roles needed for community and societal needs. Many libraries are now redefining jobs to better meet emerging needs, including new roles focused on core values. We are seeing new job titles and roles like sustainability librarian, user experience librarian, roles in equity, diversity, and inclusion, open educational resources librarian and data visualisation librarian. The Library is a catalyst in support of innovation, changing technology and communities.

An app for open-source libraries ? We’ve got just the app for that! Got an existing mobile app in play? Considering one? Learn why SOLUS has had so much success in consortium environments. Scalable, reliable, fully featured! Now supporting Evergreen and Koha open-source platforms.

Loved this – Culture, music partnerships! Libraries can make accessing musical instruments and tuition easy for everyone! Culture, creativity and opportunity should belong to everyone. Go Tate South Lambeth Library!

With this first overview EBLIDA intends to pursue the objective of examining the independence of the e-book library trade and library acquisitions on national economic factors, legal constraints and institutional requirements

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