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COVID-19 has placed a strain on every single one of us!

At SOLUS, now more than ever we are about making all things “library” smarter, easier, simpler and safer for our customers and staff.

As libraries embark on another year of restrictions and restructuring, the team at SOLUS continue to explore ways to meet our customers and communities wherever they are. Within the immediate future, we see library offerings continuing to be virtually reimagined.

With the library doors closed and so many library customers stuck at home it is more important than ever to ensure that your library’s digital resources are easily accessible in a unified and intuitive way. The SOLUS library app is the best tool to get that content in the hands of your patrons with the least amount of barriers.

To do this SOLUS has delivered enhancements to the library app with customer self-service and click & collect. The new optional workflows allow customers to use their mobile devices to check books in and out with barcodes and RFID systems.

The new Click-and-Collect functionality for SOLUS library app customers. Unlike other apps the SOLUS’s Click-and-Collect functionality does not require appointments, it is much “smarter” like the best shopping apps. The app allows the customer to indicate that they are on their way to pick up their items right then.

The staff can access the interface from a tablet, laptop, or desktop to manage the requests for pickup, including the ability to set library pickup hours, establish a parameter on the number of incoming customers they can serve at a time, and fully customise it to fit how the library is planning on offering this service.

Customers are extremely happy with the new options in the SOLUS library app as it has allowed more flexibility in communicating with customers when they’re nearby and adding the app frees up staff to do more work elsewhere.

For more information about recent SOLUS library app upgrades and plans for further development – [email protected]


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